Thursday, 26 February 2015

Fitness Clothing Haul

With only a month until I jet off to Malta, I've been working out to achieve that 'bikini body'. So in order to feel good and look good I have gradually been buying some new sports wear. When working out I want to feel motivated to achieve my goals so I tend to gravitate towards neon, bright colours which really liven up the day.

Even though I love brands like Nike and Adidas, I was wanting something more affordable - for the amount I was going to be buying. I stumbled across Bershka's 'Sport Start Moving' range and picked up two amazing bargains. One of which is a neon yellow sports bra (£12.99) with mesh and cross over back detailing. This can be layered underneath a racerback tank top (£12.99) which also incorporates the same mesh detailing. Very simple and fashion forward yet oh so affordable.

My current trainers have now turned from grey to a muddy brown - thank you to the school's fields. Plus they're starting to get worn and over all don't look that pretty! It was time to invest in some new running trainers. Again I wanted a pair which was affordable ('not over £50' - quoted from my mum) so I came out with the Nike Flex Experience Run 3 (£44.99/ RRP£54.99) Again fitting in with the neon theme of a coral and contrasting grey. Last but not least I bought another sports bra from M&S (£12.50). This one gives slightly more support and is also reversible! You can go all black or add a different look with the grey marl.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my current workout buys and be sure to be on the look out for some more 'fitness' inspired posts!

What's your favorite work out gear?
What 'fitness' posts would you like to see?

Monday, 23 February 2015

A Fashion ABC

ABC of Fashion - for blog post
With New York fashion over and London Fashion week in full swing I thought it would be a great opportunity to showcase with you an a-z of the top designers, trends and models who walked this runway season...

A  for Alexander Wang
B  for Balenciaga
C for Chanel
D for decorated denim
E for Etro
F for florals
G for Givenchy
H for House of Holland
I for iridescent
J for Julia Bergshoeff
K for Kendall Jenner
L for lace
M for Molly Bair
N for neo sport
O for oriental
P for Proenza Schouler
Q for Queen (by this I mean Alexander McQueen)
R for Roos Abels
S for Sonia Rykiel
T for tassel
U for ultra-clean minimal mono
V for Valentino
W for wide - leg trousers
X for X-ray fabrics
Y for Yifang Wan - newly found designer
Z for Zimmermann

What's your favorite 2015 trend?

Thursday, 19 February 2015


Over the past few summers I have been eyeing up lace triangle bras and just pretty bralettes in general. I've realized there's quite a few things to take into consideration such as, the sheer factor, support and how unique the lace is. After years of wimping out and skeptical thinking I've come to a conclusion that I have found THE perfect one! Or let's say more than one! Both the grey and black bras have a very simple design with a scalloped and modern edge - perfect for layering underneath garments like the pink ribbed top.

Tops and bras clockwise
Brandy Melville pink ribbed Joanne Tank (£14), Pins & Needles black Textured Crop Top (£18), Honeydew Two-Tone lace bra in grey (£16)

Monday, 16 February 2015

Latest Lust: The Lob

Latest Lust: The Lob

I'll have to admit I've always been pretty scared to do something drastic to my hair - especially after my traumatic breakdown experience of not loving my haircut. I've mainly stuck to the same old hairstyle which is all one length - pretty boring to be honest! But now my hairs got to the point where it looks as if there are two hairstyles rolled into one but failing miserably.

I'm now just ready for a change and quick! Which is why I'm seriously loving the lob...

You're all probably wondering - what the hell is a lob? Well it's simply a long bob. It's officially the haircut of 2015 and many celebrities have been seen rocking it (and hopefully I will be too!) I've always wanted a hairstyle that looks and is effortless to create. As in wake up, put a bit of texturing spray in and you're done, effortless. I love these inspiration images that I've collected as they're all rocking that messy beach wave 'I just woke up' hair. Which is totally my go to look.

Ever since I saw Amanda Steele's hair, I've been obsessed with the lob so I decided to just go for the chop but that's when the disastrous meltdown happened! However I am determined this time to get it right, fingers crossed! Will update you on how it goes but in the meanwhile adios!! 

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Organising with Muji | Part 1

It seems as though I've fallen into the trap of buying a set of Muji storage to hold my growing makeup collection - who's to blame? But you know what, I'm obsessed! You can't deny that the appeal of these drawers are hard not to love, so I've decided to create a mini series in which I show you each of my drawers individually, from top to bottom!  Welcome to Organising with Muji, part 1...

I like to keep my Muji drawers especially for the everyday essentials - the top drawer holds all my go to eye and brow products which every so often do get changed around - depending if I can be bothered! As you can probably see, at the moment I'm obssessed with the brand Soap & Glory. I have quite a few of their Smoulder Kohls in both Super Black and Cocoa Bean (£5.00) - these look great smudged across the lash line to create a subtle but smokey winged eye effect.
I also keep a stash of mascaras of different effects. One of my all time favorites being the Maybelline The Falsies Volume Express (£7.99) as the spoon shaped brush grabs every individual lash, fanning them out from corner to corner whilst still lifting and separating them at the same time. This is one of the very few mascaras that actually holds the curl.

As for the brows I only keep two products which consist of the Soap & Glory Brow Archery (£10). I won't go into too much detail as I have done a whole review on this product but what I will say is that it keeps my unruly brows in place!
You may spy a few of the Maybelline Colour Tattoos (£4.99), I have been wearing the shade on and on bronze everyday of this month, just swept across the eyelid and under the lash line. It offers great colour pay off and really makes my brown eyes stand out.

So that's just a few of the products in my top Muji drawer! Who knew I was this obsessed with Soap & Glory!

Have you invested in some Muji drawers?

P.S: I will now be posting two times a week on Mondays and Thursdays...