Sunday, 8 November 2015

La Roche-Posay Serozinc

La Roche Posay Serozinc Review 008
La Roche Posay Serozinc Review 004

Even though I may have not been on the blogging scene for quite some time, I have still been on the look out for hyped up products to review.  Earlier this year the infamous 'life-changing' spray hit our shelves in boots.... We had all heard its claims on renewing dull, oily skin so finally I could now put it to the test.

Before we get started on the actual review, I'm going to tell you a little bit about my skincare history. Some of you may already know this, if you have read any of my previous skincare posts, that over the past few years I have suffered from quite severe acne, mild hyper pigmentation (redness to the skin which also causes breakouts) and very oily skin. It started off with the occasional breakout, which I was able to clear with a simple gel, but it gradually changed to more redness and angry spots. I have been at the end of my wits with how many products I have tried from creams, tablets and gels- none of these have helped in the long term. Therefore, I was willing to give anything a go, especially a two-in-one product that would target both my oily skin and breakouts.

As I am targeting large areas I personally use this product daily, both morning and evening. There are two main ways of applying this toner - by spraying it directly onto the face (or desired area) which is what I tend to do or you can use a cotton pad to dab it on. However this way I think is less effective and might not have the full outcome that you have aimed for. Once the skin is dry I go in with an oil-free moisturizer, followed by any other treatments. The can sprays a very fine mist that doesn't leave a wet sheet nor the feeling of it being sticky therefore it is great for a mid-day freshen up on those very humid days. The ingredients are simply made up of water, sodium chloride and zinc sulfate and it works like a toner to mattify the skin by tightening pores. It is also said to be soothing and to help purify the skin by cleansing it of any nasty bacteria! 

After the first night, I was a bit apprehensive on what the results would be, however, I could see a noticeable difference of my skin. It had magically reduced the size of my spots and calmed down the redness. It has been a week since buying this product and I can proudly say that 20% of my spots have disappeared, but still my red pigmentation is lingering. I have also been trying to cut out dairy products from my diet, which I can proudly say is definitely working (comment if you want a post on this..)

Overall, this product has helped my skin calm down but in the long run I don't see any major noticeable improvements. I do have to admit, that this spray is perfect for cooling down the face throughout a hot day - perfect for summer and holidays. I will still carry on using this product and will definitely give you any skin updates in the near future! 

P.S. One reason why I have not been updating my blog as frequently is because I am having some issues with photos and the quality. So it is quite a hit and miss... Apologies in advance. Oh and also I would love it you filled out this survey if you have a sister/daughter who is aged between 4-8! click here to go to the survey

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

The Spring/summer Shoe Edit | Wishlist

The Spring Shoe Edit

I've finally come to a conclusion that I only own either black shoes or just no summer coloured sandals - this is a must! So I've done my online snooping and have collected a round up of some of my favorites, however I have still kept it quite neutral! Definitely my style. 

I prefer to wear more trainer style shoes, so I may have just put some New Balance on my wishlist but we will let that slide! This summer I'm wanting to branch out and get into more feminine, pretty shoes and as you can tell 'tie around the ankle' style seems to be something I like. I can still dream about the perfect Kenzo shoes or Isabel Marant heeled sandals but for now budget friendly shoes are my go to! 

What's on your shoe wishlist?
Are you a shoe or bag person? (I think I'm a shoe person at the moment!)

Sunday, 31 May 2015

The Astrology Series | Aries

Over the past few weeks I have had a sudden interest in astrology and everything that evolves around it. So I have decided to create a series on the various star signs. Each post will go in depth on a specific star sign, including facts, characteristics and their personal life. First up is Aries...

NAME | Aries (The Ram)
DATE | 21st March until 19th April
PLANET | Mars - war and lust
COMPATIBLE STAR SIGNS | Leo, Taurus, Sagittarius and Gemini
LUCKY NUMBERS | 9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 1 , 10, 19, 28, 37, 46, 3, 12, 21, 30, 48, 57
LUCKY DAYS | Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday

Your zodiac birth sign represents new beginnings which is why Aries-born individuals are always full of spirit and have such high energy levels. Aries have incredible self-confidence, power and zeal, this makes you very strong in your opinions and some might think this goes hand in hand with having a large ego. They love having new projects and must start these projects immediately otherwise Aries loose interest. They love and aspire to be number 1,  the winner. They want to be the best and work well under adverse situations, meaning 100% is always put in. Aries become impatient very easily and tend to provoke others in situations. The Aries man is known to be "innocent" and "hard to get". The Aries women is known to be "elegant" and a "women on a mission!"

Every Aries needs a stage where one can express themselves and shine. You love to work independently so setting up a business can be very fulfilling as long as others help with the cash! You are a born leader who loves to be in charge and as the warrior sign, you embrace any challenge, and champion every project you take on.

When in love, Aries is a one-on-one person. You put your partner first in every matter, but you expect some in return. Aries love giving their full heart and attention into the relationship, often playing the heroic figure. But often your temper can blindside you at times and end up saying cruel things. Being the sign of 'self' you must always maintain a strong sense of who you are as individual, if you want to succeed in love.

Aries are independent and might not 'need' many friends but you are supportive of a close circle. You want to rule with adventurous and ambitious people who are doing exciting things.

Do you relate to the Aries?
What's your zodiac sign?

P.S if you have any F.A.Q questions leave them below! 

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Book Club | Alexa Chung IT

A month?! Yes I know I've taken a break mainly because I had run out of post ideas but now I've got too many to keep locked up. This time I've reduced the stress by only posting once a week or twice if you're lucky (don't get your hopes up!) So welcome me back with lots of comments to motivate me even more! Lets get on with the actual review...

There's no doubt about it that this book is so aesthetically pleasing, but if we get down to the real review the tables turn. The book itself only took a short read with many pages filled with old polaroid images of Alexa herself. I wouldn't exactly call this an autobiography more of a scrapbook meets journal.

There's been many mixed reviews, with many people disliking it or loving it. However they are missing the entire aspect with the fact it's along the lines of pick up when you want to and give it quick flick through - a great addition to your coffee table books!

My favorite parts of the book are when she shows us why she is just like the rest of us even though to the rest of us she might be IT.
She goes on about heartbreak ("Scrolling through photos [on Instagram] of girls your ex may not be shagging won't help you") and even admits that she favours a full brief, ("I'd rather go commando than wedge myself into a g-string"). 

Yes she does get personal but that's what I like about Alexa as she throws herself into it and may I add very witty too! I enjoyed dipping in and out of this book but for £16.99 (or £11.89 on amazon) I do believe that there could have been more too it. However who does not love taking a look into Alexa's life - I'm guilty.

If you love a seemingly good coffee table book or Alexa Chung herself then this is the perfect buy for you!

Have you read it? What was your thoughts? Love or hate? Let me know 

Monday, 2 March 2015

Affordable Homewares #3

Affordable Homewares #3

As always there is a definite theme of monochrome with hints of gold - no surprise there! Expect to be blown away when you see how much these pretty buys are up for, plus this might be my best edit yet...

Herringbone Pattern Wallpaper, £22.61 
Who couldn't pass up some wallpaper of our favorite pattern trend this month. Picture this as a statement wall with something gold to finish it off. (hint hint it's the piece of homeware below)

Ebay Gold Stag Head, £29.99
Stag heads have a very cool and quirky vibe especially when placed above a fireplace or bed head. This particular one is finished off with an antique gold colour with elements of shine and matt detailing. It adds a contemporary design to any home or office wall space.

Urban Outfitters Terrarium, £20
This high-tech futuristic hanging plant pot has an outer-space vibe - great for a composition of cacti and succulents giving the room an earthy feel. Oh so hipster!

H&M Marble Photo Frame, £6.99
H&M is our source for all things marble and this photo frame is the perfect addition. If you're in love with the minimalists look or are a sucker for the trend then it would be a crime not to pick this up.

H&M Cushion Cover, £12.99
I always think that simplistic but colourful cushions are the way to go and with tassels it's an extra bonus! Perfect for on a sofa or bed.

Will you be treating yourself?
What's your favorite piece?

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Fitness Clothing Haul

With only a month until I jet off to Malta, I've been working out to achieve that 'bikini body'. So in order to feel good and look good I have gradually been buying some new sports wear. When working out I want to feel motivated to achieve my goals so I tend to gravitate towards neon, bright colours which really liven up the day.

Even though I love brands like Nike and Adidas, I was wanting something more affordable - for the amount I was going to be buying. I stumbled across Bershka's 'Sport Start Moving' range and picked up two amazing bargains. One of which is a neon yellow sports bra (£12.99) with mesh and cross over back detailing. This can be layered underneath a racerback tank top (£12.99) which also incorporates the same mesh detailing. Very simple and fashion forward yet oh so affordable.

My current trainers have now turned from grey to a muddy brown - thank you to the school's fields. Plus they're starting to get worn and over all don't look that pretty! It was time to invest in some new running trainers. Again I wanted a pair which was affordable ('not over £50' - quoted from my mum) so I came out with the Nike Flex Experience Run 3 (£44.99/ RRP£54.99) Again fitting in with the neon theme of a coral and contrasting grey. Last but not least I bought another sports bra from M&S (£12.50). This one gives slightly more support and is also reversible! You can go all black or add a different look with the grey marl.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my current workout buys and be sure to be on the look out for some more 'fitness' inspired posts!

What's your favorite work out gear?
What 'fitness' posts would you like to see?

Monday, 23 February 2015

A Fashion ABC

ABC of Fashion - for blog post
With New York fashion over and London Fashion week in full swing I thought it would be a great opportunity to showcase with you an a-z of the top designers, trends and models who walked this runway season...

A  for Alexander Wang
B  for Balenciaga
C for Chanel
D for decorated denim
E for Etro
F for florals
G for Givenchy
H for House of Holland
I for iridescent
J for Julia Bergshoeff
K for Kendall Jenner
L for lace
M for Molly Bair
N for neo sport
O for oriental
P for Proenza Schouler
Q for Queen (by this I mean Alexander McQueen)
R for Roos Abels
S for Sonia Rykiel
T for tassel
U for ultra-clean minimal mono
V for Valentino
W for wide - leg trousers
X for X-ray fabrics
Y for Yifang Wan - newly found designer
Z for Zimmermann

What's your favorite 2015 trend?

Thursday, 19 February 2015


Over the past few summers I have been eyeing up lace triangle bras and just pretty bralettes in general. I've realized there's quite a few things to take into consideration such as, the sheer factor, support and how unique the lace is. After years of wimping out and skeptical thinking I've come to a conclusion that I have found THE perfect one! Or let's say more than one! Both the grey and black bras have a very simple design with a scalloped and modern edge - perfect for layering underneath garments like the pink ribbed top.

Tops and bras clockwise
Brandy Melville pink ribbed Joanne Tank (£14), Pins & Needles black Textured Crop Top (£18), Honeydew Two-Tone lace bra in grey (£16)

Monday, 16 February 2015

Latest Lust: The Lob

Latest Lust: The Lob

I'll have to admit I've always been pretty scared to do something drastic to my hair - especially after my traumatic breakdown experience of not loving my haircut. I've mainly stuck to the same old hairstyle which is all one length - pretty boring to be honest! But now my hairs got to the point where it looks as if there are two hairstyles rolled into one but failing miserably.

I'm now just ready for a change and quick! Which is why I'm seriously loving the lob...

You're all probably wondering - what the hell is a lob? Well it's simply a long bob. It's officially the haircut of 2015 and many celebrities have been seen rocking it (and hopefully I will be too!) I've always wanted a hairstyle that looks and is effortless to create. As in wake up, put a bit of texturing spray in and you're done, effortless. I love these inspiration images that I've collected as they're all rocking that messy beach wave 'I just woke up' hair. Which is totally my go to look.

Ever since I saw Amanda Steele's hair, I've been obsessed with the lob so I decided to just go for the chop but that's when the disastrous meltdown happened! However I am determined this time to get it right, fingers crossed! Will update you on how it goes but in the meanwhile adios!! 

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Organising with Muji | Part 1

It seems as though I've fallen into the trap of buying a set of Muji storage to hold my growing makeup collection - who's to blame? But you know what, I'm obsessed! You can't deny that the appeal of these drawers are hard not to love, so I've decided to create a mini series in which I show you each of my drawers individually, from top to bottom!  Welcome to Organising with Muji, part 1...

I like to keep my Muji drawers especially for the everyday essentials - the top drawer holds all my go to eye and brow products which every so often do get changed around - depending if I can be bothered! As you can probably see, at the moment I'm obssessed with the brand Soap & Glory. I have quite a few of their Smoulder Kohls in both Super Black and Cocoa Bean (£5.00) - these look great smudged across the lash line to create a subtle but smokey winged eye effect.
I also keep a stash of mascaras of different effects. One of my all time favorites being the Maybelline The Falsies Volume Express (£7.99) as the spoon shaped brush grabs every individual lash, fanning them out from corner to corner whilst still lifting and separating them at the same time. This is one of the very few mascaras that actually holds the curl.

As for the brows I only keep two products which consist of the Soap & Glory Brow Archery (£10). I won't go into too much detail as I have done a whole review on this product but what I will say is that it keeps my unruly brows in place!
You may spy a few of the Maybelline Colour Tattoos (£4.99), I have been wearing the shade on and on bronze everyday of this month, just swept across the eyelid and under the lash line. It offers great colour pay off and really makes my brown eyes stand out.

So that's just a few of the products in my top Muji drawer! Who knew I was this obsessed with Soap & Glory!

Have you invested in some Muji drawers?

P.S: I will now be posting two times a week on Mondays and Thursdays...

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Create a Blog Editorial Calendar

I recently created a blog editorial calendar and ever since it has made my life a lot easier (by this I mean not running around frantically about blog posts!) This is perfect for you un-organised people who have to juggle between school and blogging- I admit I fit into this category quite nicely! An editorial calendar is basically a simplified typed up version of a normal handwritten calendar. It keeps you on track with upcoming posts and events. So today I thought I would share with you how I constructed and edit my calendar...

Choosing your calendar: 
There are many different hi tech apps that allow you to create an editorial calendar but I suggest to go for the basic option by making a simple excel sheet in Google Docs. By doing this you have easy access to it on any laptop/computer and hand held devices - perfect for on the go travelling. You'll want to create a new folder called 'blogging' and open up a new spreadsheet.

Create your calendar:
You can set up your calendar anyway you like - monthly or weekly. I decided that it was easiest if I added one tab for each month of the year. You can do this by clicking on the plus sign at the bottom. I settled to have days across the top and weeks down the side in a two tone pink to add a pop of colour! Remember, don't forget to add a column for notes.

Filling in your calendar:
Once the basic structure of your calendar is completed you can now start to fill in the spaces. Start off with the posts you regularly post (series) as you know where they should go. I also like to put in posts that I know I definitely want to include like New Years resolutions or Halloween costumes etc. However if I haven't taken the photos then I make sure to write a quick reminder in the notes! Simple so far, right?

Throughout the month you can easily edit the calendar for when a new post idea crops up. I like to keep it quite flexible so I can write up posts on any day I want. One reason why I like using this calendar so much is the fact that I can customise it in many ways. One of which is colour coding the different types of posts. I use blue for lifestyle, mint green for fashion, purple for beauty and last but not least peach for tips/DIYs. Don't forget that to create a new line in the same cell you hold down the alt key and press enter at the same time. My calendar now looks a little like this...

Editing your calendar:
The best part of having a super simple online calendar is that you can edit or even scrap parts whenever you feel like it! Where as when using notebooks the tipex has to come out!

As I edit and publish my posts I use the strike though symble to mark off each post. This way it's easy to notice if I have stuck to my schedule.  Or if I have been unable to publish a post I will mark it in red so I can use it for the next month.

This was all I do to create my effortless online editorial calendar  -TADAA! Even though this was a very long post I hope it was informative and helpful!

Have you got an editorial calendar? 

Sunday, 18 January 2015

4 Pins I'm Loving

Even though I've only just started getting into Pinterest, you'll find me every Sunday (or realistically most days) scrolling through to find inspiration, DIY's and just overall really pretty photos. Warning: too addicting! You can follow my collection of pins here for more but today I thought I would collect together some of my favorite pins of the week.

01. This very Victoria Secret esque highlighting and contouring is just simply gorgeous. Find pin here.

02. I had never come across this quote but it does leave some thought in your mind. This will definitely be pinned onto my mood board! Check out the pin here.

03. This pin is just everything I want - I can't help but not love this cheap and quick mood board that has been created. Perfect to keep you motivated and inspired whilst blogging. Find this pin here.

04. We all deserve a treat, once in a while, am I right? These yummy sounding pumpkin doughnuts with a coconut maple caramel glaze are hard not to resist making. Read the recipe here.

Just to give everyone a heads up, I might not be able to post as regularly for the next 2-3 weeks due to my laptop being repaired - sighhh! But I will try my hardest! Also check out my page about guest posts here!

Are you addicted to Pinterest as much as I am? 

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Go To Eyebrows with Soap & Glory Archery

When it comes to brows I'm typically the person who likes to use powders over pencils but this Soap & Glory product has started to take me in the other direction. After seeing this product fly around many YouTube channels and blogs I had a definite impulse to pick it up. plus, with buy one get one half price, how could I not?

This dual ended eyebrow pencil has a felt tip applicator on one end and a pencil on the other. It only offers two shades - Brownie points (dark brown) and Love is Blonde (for those golden-haired girls!) I decided to choose the colour Brownie Points and it luckily has the perfect match but I also do believe it will suit many hair colours! The Soap & Glory Brow Archery is perfect for anyone who's wanting a more natural look without the faff of a brush. 

The pen end has a super fine tip which is perfect for replicating fine hairs but it also helps to quickly fill in my brows with precision. The crayon end, in my opinion, is a little too thick - however it's not at all waxy creating a perfect way to lock the brows in place.

The lasting power is outstanding! Usually when I come back from school my brows have disappeared but this product can last a whole day with smudging - definitely impressive!

I love how I can get a very natural look with the Soap & Glory Archery however when I'm wanting a more fuller, dramatic look I will stick with my powders. It's great for an everyday basis as it's super quick and very practical. If you're wanting something that gives you a more natural effect then I recommend you to pick this up next time you're in boots!

  • Price: £10
  • Shades: Brownie Points and Love is Blonde
  • Where: Boots (here)
Have you tried this product? 
What' your favorite go-to brow products?

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

My Blogging Method & Routine

Now that I have decided to try and post 2-3 times a week, I always seem to get distracted or something gets in the way (hint: phone) so I feel the need to organize a systematic blogging routine/method. As I have school for most of the day I sometimes get piled with homework resulting in no blogging time or it can be the complete opposite. Today I thought I would share with you my blogging method/routine - it goes a little like this...

Any spare time throughout the day I find myself on Pinterest looking for inspiration from posts related to my blog. I end up spending hours just scrolling and by the end I've got a whole months worth of ideas! Every Saturday or Sunday I sit down and write the titles of upcoming posts for the weekly cycle. This is a great idea for blogging as I know what's coming up and what I have/haven't edited. The next hour is usually spent jotting down notes for what products I need to include, prices, links etc.

I tend to take my photos in bulk for about 3-4 posts, so whenever the sun comes out I set up my picture and click away. Usually 20 pictures are taken for each post, as I like to play around with the composition, but only a small number of them are chosen.

Now I start to edit my stand out photos by just upping the brightness or exposure. Afterwards I upload them onto blogger and hit preview - if I don't like the way they look I will either re-edit them or decide to re-shoot. This happens on many occasions!

Next, I write my posts - this usually takes me an hour per post. I like to save the post as a draft and come back to it the next day with a fresh mind to correct any mistakes or just to improve on it. Sometimes I have the post already written up before any pictures or vice versa.

As soon as the post is ready to go live I make sure I share it on social media. I find it hard to tweet throughout the day so Hootsuit comes to my rescue where I schedule tweets for around three times a day with links to the post and my Bloglovin' site.

What's your blogging routine?
How do you stay on track of posts?

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Affordable Homewares #2

Affordable Homewares #2

This installment of 'Affordable Homewares' includes some great inexpensive finds - well that is my forte! Expect some cosy furnishings, perfect for the cold winter, with a woodland theme!

Oliver Bonas Copper alphabet Letter, £10
These fun and sophisticated alphabet letters are great for a bespoke and thoughtful housewarming, wedding and engagement gift or even for your own personalized home styling. Each handcrafted letter is finished off with an on trend shiny copper.

Zara Home Fringed Herringbone Blanket, £17.99
Herringbone is a definite on trend print of now! This blanket has a significant Scandinavian homely feel and for only £17.99 who can't pass it up? I can already picture it at the end of my bed or thrown across a chair.

Sass & Belle Rabbit and Fox drawer knobs, £3.45
Spice up your drawers with these quirky metal woodland animal doorknobs. The rabbit gives an elegant feel whilst the fox has its own cheeky manner.

H&M Velvet Cushion Cover, £12.99
This luxury pillow with accented gold tassels combined with the gorgeous cream velvet, channels 'French Boudoir' This pillow is also available in black and a dark red - the two of them sat side by side is hard not to resist!

Do you have your eye on anything here?
What future posts would you like see, comment down below..

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

A Guide To Letting Go | Makeup Expiry Dates

When it comes to beauty products, there is one one thing that we've all been guilty of - keeping a product far beyond its expiry date. We always have many reasons as to why we hold onto these products-they were expensive, it's limited edition, I haven't used it up yet and the most famous excuse 'you never know I might need it.' This is said to be the cause of many breakouts, skin rashes and allergic reactions.

So, below I have listed the time frames in which each product shall last. Hopefully this post will make you de-clutter your extensive amount of makeup and who knows what you'll find in there... 

*The pictures above state how long each product should last, these numbers are just an average from what I have found*

A lot of the time I'm unsure if a product is past it's expiry date so just get rid of it. If it smells rancid or the texture has gone a bit funny - toss it. It's always better to be safe and throw away a product rather than getting an eye infection! Plus you get the thrill of picking up some new products.

Also, you can always check the product itself. Most likely it will have a POA (period-after-use) recommendation. You know the little opened jar with a number and an M inside of it? Well, it's an indication of the number of months after first opening that they recommend you to toss the product.

However just to note, natural products expire faster than others as they don't have chemicals to extend their shelf lives. So toss your natural products sooner than others.

Next time your rummaging through your makeup bag and you see the first ever lipstick you got - TOSS IT!

How many products have you thrown away?