Thursday, 30 May 2013


Hey Everyone,

I always like reading other people's empties posts, I think it's a great way of showing what products you've been liking and if you'd repurchase them again or not. It's taken me quite a while to get some empties together for one post, as I usually just go back and forth between different products - so they never get used up.

But, this month surprisingly I collected quite a lot of empty products to show you!
 Here they are...

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Daily Scrub:
I am definitely going to be picking this up in boots again, as it feels so fresh on my face and it has helped keep my spots less red. It has small beads which aren't too harsh on my skin and I also LOVE the smell!
Overall a  4/5

Good Things Stay Clear Purifying Cleanser:
This product disappointed me a bit. I feel like it's an average face wash that cleans your face and gets rid of any dirt and oil. It's meant to be an anti-blemish wash but on my skin it didn't seem to calm down the redness or stop more breakouts however the smell is amazing!
I would not repurchase it again therefore I give it a 2/5

Nivea Pearl & Beauty Spray:
I always buy travel sizes of these for when I go on short trips ( I think I need to buy a full size ), because for one it smells so nice but it says it stays on 48h but I feel it doesn't - only 24h. It's also meant to have precious pearl extracts which leaves your underarms feeling soft.
I really like this product and give it a 4/5.

Essential Waitrose 4 in 1 Vitamin E Facial Cleansing Wipes:
I cannot say how much I love these facial wipes! I was surprised that for £1 that they cleanse my face and also take off my makeup without tugging at my face. Also these don't sting my eyes, which is even better!
I have already bought 4 packs so these are a massive 5/5!

Natural Collection Vanilla Body Spray:
This was my go to fragrance for the past few months, it lasted me since Christmas and I literally sprayed it all the time. The lasting power wasn't incredibly great but it was perfect for school.
I would give this a 4/5.

The Body Shop Vineyard Peach Body Butter:
There was quite a lot of hype about these body butters and I know why! They are so thick and moisturising and also smell amazing. It sinks in really well and leaves your body feeling soft and hydrated. You should all go and take a sniff of them as they are to die for. 
A definite 5/5!

I hope you liked this post, I know it was a lot of writing but I thought I'd just tell you all about the product. 
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Has this helped you decide on a product you've been eyeing?

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Coral Crochet ♥

Hey Everyone,
I took these pics a few weeks ago in the sun, which now seems to have disappeared , but perhaps these pictures will remind you what sunny weather is like?!

 Two of this summer's hit trends are the fabulous coral, and also crochet, so I thought I'd rock it by wearing this bright coral, crochet dress from H&M. Two hit trends in one! 

I just love the fact that it sits really nicely on the body and makes you feel.... amazing! This dress does come quite short - quite a bit above the knee - but that just makes it the perfect mini dress for the summer. This length might not be to everyone's taste, but abroad in the hot summer sun, it will be stunning.

I have seen some similar dresses in Zara recently and in the adults H&M, so be sure to go and grab one for this summer!

Now for the pics...

* By the way, spot the spider on my leg! *

Hope you enjoyed this outfit post!

What's your favourite sunny weather outfit?

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

What's In My Makeup Bag?

Hey Everyone!

You guys have never ever really seen what I makeup I use on a daily basis, which seems pretty odd becuase this is a beauty and fashion blog! I don't really wear that much makeup, hence to the fact that I have a small makeup bag, but when I do this is what I wear...

Cath Kidston Zip Purse

17 Solo eyeshadow, Sleek i - divine palette, Collection 2000 Extreme felt tip liner, Rimmel London shadow stick, Collection 2000 multiplier mascara, The Colour Workshop brown lash mascara, MUA pro base conceal & brighten kit, Rimmel London clear complexion powder

That's everything which I keep inside my makeup bag, as I said not a lot but it's just the perfect amount. I do change my makeup up every so often but it just depends on what I feel like I guess!

 One of my favourite pieces of makeup at the moment has to be my Rimmel London Clear Complexion Powder. It keeps my skin oil free throughout the day and also makes sure my makeup stays put!

I would love to know what you keep in your makeup bag so leave a comment down below and I will be sure to reply!

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Ponytail & Peplum ♥

Hey Everyone,

I grabbed the opportunity of a little bit of sun to put my hair up and put on my peplum. 

I love to wear my hair in high ponytails but there's one major downside - it can be very frustrating trying to get it all smooth without any kinks. It usually takes me two or three or even four goes!

What I like about the peplum is that it is very fitted and I think has a very classic look. It doesn't have any zips or fastenings so there is nothing to detract from the very simple stripe design. 

Finally, I added a splash of colour with these red suede ballet flats from Mini Boden.

Peplum Top - New Look // Jeggings - H&M // Pumps - Johnnie B // Sunglasses - H&M 

What do you think about the peplum look?

Sunday, 5 May 2013

My Random April Favourites

Hey Everyone,

It's May! April has flown by so quickly and so has blogging. I can't believe that we are already nearly half way through 2013! Before I even start I want to say thank you so so so much for 50 followers, you guys are are the best. I have also made an Instagram account especially for my blog! I will post sneak previews, updates and mini hauls and reviews ( Username : beyondimagination12 )

Anyway, I thought I would do my Random April Favourites as you don't usually see what I like beyond beauty and fashion. So here are a few of the other things I have been liking this month.

Hope you enjoy!

Favourite Snack: Granola

This month for my favourite snack has got to be granola! It's such a quick and easy breakfast and snack that is also super healthy. I top mine with low fat Greek yoghurt and a swirl of honey. Delicious!

Favourite Piece Of Music: Imagine Dragons - Radioactive

The reason why I got into this song was that I got a free song card from Starbucks and straight away it was my favourite song. I had never really heard of Imagine Dragons but now I can see why everybody has been raving about them - I think I was living under a rock. I definitely recommend their songs and especially their latest album.

Favourite Read: Teen Vogue

This month I haven't really had the time to read a proper book so instead I have just been flicking through my latest Teen Vogue. I really like Teen Vogue because it has beauty looks, fashion pages, interviews etc.  It's basically just the perfect magazine for teens who like beauty and fashion. It's great for bloggers who want to find out about the latest trends and new beauty products. Overall it's a great magazine!!

Favourite Crafty Make: Friendship Bracelets

A little while ago I started my own business of making and selling  friendship bracelets and orders are piling in! It's a great way of making cute, colourful handmade bracelets for a fraction of the price of shop bought ones! They are easy once you get the hang of it but you just need to practise and practise!

That's everything for my random April favourites, remember to check out my instagram for updates, sneak previews, mini hauls and reviews! ( username: beyondimagination12 .)  

What's been in your random favourites?