Sunday, 27 January 2013

Fashion Find no.2

Hey everyone,

Loads of people have been raving about the TopShop printed trousers. So today I thought I would write a post all devoted to them! I came across these only yesterday, so these are definitely going to be in my wishlist.

These are quite thin so you don't want to wear them in the stark cold! I would put a long tee underneath the piece I am wearing just to add more layers and warmth. These also go along perfectly with this years Monochrome trend!

These are quite a statement piece so the top half should be quite simple, trying to avoid any designs. With some black or brown ankle boots, then this would be a perfect match, grab a tartan scarf and throw that on. For the summer some cat eye sunglasses would kick the whole outfit off the roof!

What's your favorite pattern?


Saturday, 26 January 2013

Style Crush : Rita Ora + Get the look

Sunday, 6 january 2013

Hey everyone,
Rita Ora is definitely someone to watch out for in style wise. She is never too afraid to wear what she wants and if she does wear it, she makes it look amazing! Whenever you look at all the clothes she's worn in the past you can see that she definitely has a unique sense of style.

I love how she styles different clashing prints in all her outfits but then makes them come across more urban/hip hop kind of way. In most of her outfits she piles and piles on loads of jewelry. Here is my take on how to get her style/look.

All of these items are mostly from Asos or Topshop.

To be able to get this look you need any type of dress/top/shorts with fringing on this will give a shabby feel to it.  You also need some pair of Hi - Tops such as converse and a leather jacket. Underneath you can put some type of crop top. Finally to pull the look together add a piece of jewelry.

Do you like Rita Ora's Style?


Saturday, 19 January 2013

The Liebster Award

Hey everyone!  Em from blueviolethearts. nominated me for the Liebster Award!  This award is awarded to people with blogs who have under 200 followers, to show them that even though they are not major famous, people still love reading their blog.  I was astonished when I saw that Em had nominated me! I am only 12 and I never thought this was going to happen?! So I must say a massive thank you to all my followers!

The rules of the Liebster Award is as follows:

♥ List 11 Facts about yourself
♥ Answer the 11 Questions give to you
♥ Ask 11 New Questions for the bloggers that you nominate to win the award
♥ Choose 9 bloggers with 200 or less followers to nominate
♥ Go to each bloggers page and let them know that you have nominated them for the award
♥ Thank the person that gave you this award and link it back to their blog

So here goes! 

11 Facts About Me

♥ I am obsessed with white hot chocolate. I just make it whenever I am bored, I probably have it about three times a day?
♥I don't like McDonald's! Yes. That is a surprise, I am more of a healthy person.
♥I don't really paint my toe nails. I guess this means I am really lazy? I just can never be bothered!
♥I have a phobia of scraping sounds. I hate it when someone scraps something and it makes that horrible noise! It makes my hairs on my neck prick up!
♥I have a thing where I get crossed over nothing. Yes just when doing my hair and it goes bumpy, I get so angry.
♥I'm a spender. Whenever I say I am saving up, I will just go and spend it whoops! 
♥I am a makeup lover! I have four draws full of makeup :/
♥I wish I had wavy hair. I get so bored with dead straight hair.
♥I am quite short for my age. All my friends who are mostly younger than me, are mostly some how taller than me?
♥I haven't got my ears pierced. The only reason is, my mum wont let me.
♥I sometimes like dark or bright lips. 

Em's Questions:

1. What made you start/want to blog?    Well I always used to watch YouTube videos and most of them had blogs, so then I thought you know what I want to be like them! Then from then on I started my blog.

2. How would you describe your style?     I would describe it has sometimes girly and cute but then I sometimes wear things with a bit of an edge to it. So i think I have quite a mixed style I guess.

3. If you could only have 3 beauty items for the rest of your life, what would they be?     I would probably chose the MUA Pro-Base Conceal & Brighten Kit, Sleek Makeup Eye Shadow Palette in Au Naturel 601 and finally the Benefit Bad Gal Mascara.

4. Lip gloss or Lipstick?     Probably lip gloss as I have a lot more of them than lipsticks.

5. What is your fashion 'Pet Peeve'?       It is probably when people just wear things which do not go together at all!

6. Who is your embarrassing celebrity crush?     I don't really have a crush on any celebrities to be honest!

7. What is the best thing you bought in 2012?   It would probably have to be my new makeup storage which is a bit lame but, it has helped me out so much!

8. 'Steal her style', 'Recycle her style', or 'Burn her style' - Miley Cyrus, Rihanna or Rita Ora?        It would have to be Rita Ora for Steal, Rihanna for Recycle and sadly Miley for burn. Sorry Miley and Rihanna!

9. Who's blog are you loving this month?      This is hard but I have to say I have been loving makeupsavvy.

10. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?   I would say Cornwall!

11. Who's style inspires you?    Well I have kind of answered that! Rita Ora!

The blogs I nominate are...

My Questions are:

♥Why did you want to start your blog?

♥High heels or flats?
♥How many piercings do you have?
♥Have you done anything embarrassing?
♥ Favorite beauty brand?
♥Who is your favorite blogger at the moment?
♥What would you do if you won the lottery?
♥Staple wardrobe piece?
♥What's more important beauty or brains?
♥Do you maintain your nails?
♥Favorite YouTuber?

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Fashion Find no.1

These little lace trim ankle socks from Topshop are just perfect to wear with any low cut shoe. I first came across them when I was looking for some socks for my new converse (comment if you want a styling post on them?) I knew exactly what i wanted and then when I came across these my mouth was watering over them! (Yes, I am lame!)

To start off with, the colour! It's a true mint green/blue which is great for summer and spring but you could also pull the amazing colour off in the winter. However I doubt you want to be flashing your bare ankles in  this horrible UK weather. Then there's the lace trim, which just adds a touch of more cuteness! which can peep out of your shoes. Even the small details like the ribbing on the sock just rounds it all off to the cutest sock ever?!

I would pair these with some low cute shoes such as brouges/converse/creepers or little ankle boots. Show the lace trim to give a prettiness to it.

I have to confess though, I have not bought these yet. Yes. These do come in all different colours so go and pick up some. Be quick as they are on 3 for £8?!

How would you style these?